MDC/FWOI Communications Coordinator

Position Description
Position Type

Full Time Exempt 


Donald Green, Executive Director, MDC/FWOI

Work Environment

In office in Clarksdale, MS or Remote

Project Summary

Mississippi Delta Council for Farm Workers Opportunities (MDC/FWOI), a minority-founded and -run non- profit in Clarksdale, MS, will lead the Delta Regional Food Business Center to deliver Grow Delta, Feed Delta, Buy Delta. Serving disadvantaged, minority producers, processors, and intermediaries, we will increase agricultural business knowledge, success, and resilience – from farm gate through retail– serving 5 states – Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Eastern Texas. We will organize producers and processors into ~25 clusters of 4-6 counties each while engaging intermediaries to access urban markets from St. Louis to New Orleans and from Dallas to Atlanta.


We will use the tools provided by the Delta Regional Food Business Center — Coordination, Technical Assistance, and Capacity Building – to build the qualities of a resilient Southern food system through implementing Connectivity, Local Self-organization, Physical Infrastructure, Recruitment, Diversity, Innovation, Climate Smart Integration, and Leader Development. We will improve food traceability and safety, strengthen infrastructure, connect growers with buyers, and drive pricing that works for producers.


The project will be guided by the Delta RFBC Partnership Board that will include a member from each of our collaborating partner organizations. These organizations will be a critical component of value chain coordination as well as ensuring success of the Business Builder
awards throughout the targeted value chains.


The project will work collaboratively with the International Fresh Produce Association to create and market Delta Regional Food Business Center UPCs and PLUs that will identify a product with a variety of characteristics, for example: small scale producer, regional producer, limited resource producer, woman producer, historically underserved producer or from a producer implementing climate smart practices.


The Delta Regional Food Business Center will implement the business builder awards throughout the targeted value chains to facilitate producers’ ability to use the identifying UPC and PLUs and getting those UPCs and PLUs into the value chain and tracking them from farm gate to the end consumer.


The targeted service area currently imports 2.7 billion kilograms of food; our goal is to convert 2% of those imports to locally produced food, increasing regional annual income by more than $100 million. (Approximately $20 million per targeted state.) 

Job Overview

As a Communications Coordinator at the Delta Regional Food Business Center, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our regional online footprint, creating, and maintaining websites, establishing a strong social media presence, and curating engaging content. You will be responsible for developing and implementing digital strategies to inform, promote, and disseminate information through all digital platforms, focusing on our Biz Builder and TA Awards initiatives. Your work will involve crafting and executing communication strategies to promote our organization’s programs and projects, raising awareness of our mission, and ensuring a consistent brand presence across all channels. 

Key Responsibilities
  1. Digital Footprint Development: Create and manage websites, social media profiles, and online content to establish a robust regional and national online presence.
  2. Digital Strategy: Develop and implement comprehensive digital strategies to inform the public about, promote, and disseminate information regarding Biz Builder and TA Awards programs.
  3. Content Creation: Produce high-quality and engaging content for various digital platforms, including websites, social media, newsletters, and press releases.
  4. Communications Strategy: Work with the communications team to develop and execute communication strategies aligned with MDCFWOI and USDA Delta RFBC objectives.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor digital analytics and prepare reports to evaluate the success of communications campaigns and recommend improvements, including increasing social media views, likes and particularly comments.
  6. Industry Trends: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices to enhance communication strategies.
  7. Media Relations: Respond to media inquiries, build and maintain relationships with journalists, and coordinate press conferences and promotional events.
  8. Event Coordination: Plan, execute and/or participate in promotional events, both regionally and nationally, including all event materials and presentation supplies, coordinating volunteers, support staff, vendors, and other resources as needed.
  9. Outreach and Partnerships: Reach out to press outlets, magazines, influencers, and other strategic partners to expand brand recognition and reach.
  10. Brand Management: Contribute to the development and expansion of MDCFWOI and the Delta USDA RFBC brand identity.
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, Marketing, Journalism, or a related field or 7 years equivalent experience in the field
  • Professional writing experience in communications, marketing, journalism, or fundraising.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and experience with analytics, trends, and algorithms.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to new digital spaces and technologies.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and project management abilities.
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in graphic design and video editing tools (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite) is a plus.
  • Working remotely

*** Note: Previous experience in a similar role with successful examples is preferred.

How to Apply

Please submit resume/CV and examples of previous experience to USDA Delta Regional Food Business Center –