Business Builder Subawards

The USDA Delta Regional Food Business Center will be providing Business Builder Subawards as part of the USDA RFBC Program. Two types of subawards will be provided: 1) Grants and 2) Technical Assistance.

The program should be ready to accept the first round of applications in Fall 2024.

Subaward grants will provide financial assistance up to $100,000 to support projects focused on regional needs and businesses that are working towards expansion and other investment. The grant funds may be used to support staff time, business planning activities, software implementation, the purchase of special purpose equipment, such as food safety, processing and packaging equipment, and value chain coordination. While there is no minimum allocation per grant award, the maximum amount for any business, across all USDA Regional Food Business Centers, may not exceed $100,000.

The Delta Regional Food Business Center serves as a hub for technical assistance supporting food and farm business needs and connecting producers to other entities in the supply chain. Technical assistance will be awarded to improve agricultural business, marketing, and distribution operations and will be provided through a network of providers experienced in working with farmers and producers in the Delta USDA RFBC region.

Delta Regional Food Business Center

Application Process

All applicants will be provided with a comprehensive, step-by-step application guide. This guide will be designed to assist you throughout the application process, ensuring your business has all the necessary information and resources at your disposal. Our aim is to make the application process as straightforward and efficient as possible for all potential participants.

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Prepare to Apply

Prepare for your application ahead of time by securing your Unique Entity ID in The video below provides instruction on obtaining this identification. You will need this ID to apply for the Delta Regional Food Business Center’s business builder or technical assistance subaward program.

Support for the Delta USDA Regional Food Business Center comes from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service Regional Food Business Centers Program. The 12 USDA Regional Food Business Centers support all 50 U.S. States and Territories and are inclusive of all types of agricultural products produced locally or regionally.

USDA is an equal opportunity opportunity provider, employer, and lender. For information, refer to the USDA Non-Discrimination Statement.